Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Dear God,

Let our words make sense, Father, in the ears of those who would rather not believe.
- Hit them with the weight of the truth while their hearts are soft.
- Hit them with the urgency when their passion and despiration is raw, and at its height.

Kill our apathy.

Put us on the front lines, I pray. There is a war, and I want to fight!

There is a war, and I'm on the winning team. They're playing on our turf.

Lets get out there, take out our five stones, take out Goliath; kill the Philistines of our day, take off our apathy, and wake up, because the war of all wars is being fought secretly in our midst. How much longer can we be so ignorant.

We're playing games in a war-zone, where a stale-mate is not an option - a stale-mate is as big a loss as any. If we choose not to fight, it's just a victory not yet claimed. There is no greater tragedy.

Have mercy on us, Lord.

Take our radical generation. Speak to our forefathers; speak your Words to the leaders of our generation, and the ones preceding us. Help them see. Help us see.

If we don't fight, no one will... we're blind if we think we're in the last days... we're blind if we think we're in the last hour... or minutes... decades have passed, and few have fought... today, we are living in the last second. Help us to take up our cross, help us to put on the full Ephesians armor you've given us, and help us to hold Your hand, which will NEVER let us go. Praise you, Jesus.

You are preparing your army... Father, I pray, by your grace alone, put me on your front-lines... I will give my life!


(October 25th, 2007)

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