Tuesday, 2 August 2011

"ROLL DOWN THE WINDOW!" - A Story Of Salvation


Oh sweet, sweet, Jesus, if only we knew all the ways you watch out for us every day... even those who don't yet know You. You watch over them too... not because they deserve it. And not because You need to... simply because You love them. You love them with such a passionate desperation that You choose to defy the natural process of destruction and chaos, and You shower them with blessing, favor, and mercy.

- Amen

Back story: Today I had the pleasure of doing lifegroup with some of my favorite people - certainly some of God's favorites too - while floating down the Penticton Canal. (For those who don't know, there is a beautiful city about a 45 minute drive from my hometown called Penticton, which is sandwiched between two equally gorgeous lakes. Connecting those lakes is a Channel/Canal wth a strong current that is MAD fun to float/swim down in the summer.) So we had a wonderful time floating, chatting, flipping eachother, laughing histerically, swimming, and floating some more. About an hour and a half, and 6ish kms later, we arrived at the end of our ride, and dragged our floaties up onto the shore, and started deflating, still excited about our fun adventure. Little did we know, the real adventure was only beginning.

Minutes later, a taxi cab that had been waiting from up above for potential passengers jumped from it's parking lot position into a full on race towards the water. With only the driver in the vehicle (praise God!), the car barrelled down an embankment, and into the water as though it was travelling promptly with purpose. Myself and the several other witnesses stood dumbfounded for a moment before we realized that this was in fact real life, and not a scene from a movie (which seemed like a more probable conclusion for my now very confused and concerned mind).

Only moments after the car hit the water, three of my wonderful friends, Sean, Warren, and Alex, along with two others, jumped into the water determined to save this man's life. I remember so clearly seeing Warren with the fire, and desperation of Father God in his eyes, begging this trapped man to snap out of his extreme shock and blank daze, and unroll the window before we were all forced to witness the unthinkable. For what seemed like an eternity, we watched Warren banging with frantic urgency on the window, pleading with this man's blank stare to wake up, and accept his only chance for survival - the hand of a loving stranger. In literally the last second before it was too late, the man looked to his left, and then to his right, and realized, in his limited, shocked state, that his situation was bad. Likely unsure of how he got there, he knew he wanted out, and this was going to require immediate action on his part... one step in the right direction... one step would do it... a simple move of his finger... a lowering of the window... to let the stranger - the waiting hero - in. Thank GOD, he did just that. Mere moments before the top of the car was completely submerged, the still-shocked taxi driver, stiff as a board, was being kept afloat by five amazing men - three of whom I know for a fact had God's Spirit of strength on them, as they were the literal hands and feet of Jesus, dragging the stranger to shore.

God's providence didn't end there... Karmelle (Alex's wife, and one of my dearest friends) was waiting on the shore to put her nursing skills to work, praying for God's loving protection to continue, and monitoring his health until the ambulance arrived.

I am simply in awe of our merciful Father God. The more I look at the details of this unreal event, the more I see how God's hand was ALL over it!

Firstly, the taxi miraculously went off the road literally SECONDS AFTER our pastor's wife and two small children (ages 3 and 4) walked right in front of it. Had they been hit with the taxi going at that speed... I can't even bear to think about it. Just Praise God He didn't let that happen.        PRAISE           GOD           !!!

Secondly, on undoubtably one of the BUSIEST days of the year (The Monday of the August long weekend), there happened to be a perfect gap in floating-traffic at the exact time the car hit the water. One could only imagine the number of fatalities there could have been if a group of people were floating by before, during, or after that moment.

Thirdly, common cultural floating-practice is to collect all the booze you can get your hands on, and drink it on your way down the canal - for obvious reasons, we didn't participate in the drinking aspect, and were very possibly the only 100% sober people at the shore at that time. I believe that God strategically timed it that the first people on the scene, and the closest witnesses would be clear-minded, and God-dependent.

Fourthly, it might sound silly, but I'm personally eternally grateful to God that my wonderful friends (and the two other men) were at the scene, willing to risk their lives, and strong enough to save this man. I hate to say it, but I feel like if they weren't around, and I had to jump in, we would be telling a much different story right now. I don't think any number of women would have been able to do what those men did. This taxi driver was a big man, and even as we were watching these strong men pulling him to shore, his head bobbed under the water a couple of times, and I honestly questioned for a second whether or not THEY were going to make it. I praise God that I didn't have to attempt that myself. It would have been unbearable if my little girl-muscles were unable to bear the weight of this man and his water logged clothes. I can't bear to imagine how I would have felt if I had to watch this man go down with little I could do but struggle weakly.

But I didn't. Honestly, I feel so very involved... yet in reality, most of my involvement consisted of watching from the shore. I would have helped if I had to... I really would have. I was ready to make a move, but when I looked around, there was not much to do but praise the Father. God had taken care of everything. He thought out every little detail. Planned to the second for His glory and for the sake of His beloved children. He arranged in advance that no one would need to suffer - that everyone would come out unscathed. Do you think this East Indian taxi driver knew Jesus and that's why He saved him? Possibly... I don't know either way. But the chances are, this man was an unbeliever - most people are. Yet, his Heavenly Father, whether he knew Him or not, was watching him intently... concerned about his every move... anticipating his innocent mistake, and ready to catch him in His loving arms when he fell.

God did everything he possibly could do to help this man. Yet remember the part when Warren was pleading for the man to roll down his window? What if he didn't choose to comply? Would God have still been there? Would God still have been worthy of praise? God's part didn't change, did it? He would have been just as willing and prepared to save the man. He would still have done everything he could to bring him back to the safety of the shore... but ultimately, for a moment, salvation - the differenece between life and death - was in the taxi driver's hands. He had only one possible way out... no second, or third route to safety. This was it. And he had only but a moment to figure it out, and a lifetime of reward for doing it.

Isn't this how it is when we are faced with salvation through Jesus Christ? We don't have multiple options... several correct choices... a few ways that might work. The deal is, that if we don't roll down our spiritual window, our loving Saviour cannot pull us out to safety. No other option... no other way... period! We often sit in our car's too long, attempting foolishly to drive ourselves out of the water only to wind up drowning in our own "selfish ambition and vain conceit." Sometimes, we are tricked to believe that if we act like we aren't really sinking, and deny our obvious fate, that it can't get us. Yet, the fact is, Jesus is like Warren was... standing helplessly, only inches away from us, begging, and pleading for us to choose Him; to admit our need, accept His help, press the button, and hurry our way out of there with the help of our new Best-Friend.

The man later claimed to have accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake - likely over-tired, and half asleep on this long-weekend which was undoubtably busy for any taxi driver. He is a husband and a father, and seemed to be a very sweet, loving man. Please pray for him and his family as he mentally, physically, and emotionally recovers from this traumatic incident. My prayer for him is that his spiritual eyes would be open to see the desperate situation that is living a life without salvation through Jesus. Holy Spirit, I pray that he would willingly, and joyfully receive Your loving, and faithful hand.



Dear God,

Let our words make sense, Father, in the ears of those who would rather not believe.
- Hit them with the weight of the truth while their hearts are soft.
- Hit them with the urgency when their passion and despiration is raw, and at its height.

Kill our apathy.

Put us on the front lines, I pray. There is a war, and I want to fight!

There is a war, and I'm on the winning team. They're playing on our turf.

Lets get out there, take out our five stones, take out Goliath; kill the Philistines of our day, take off our apathy, and wake up, because the war of all wars is being fought secretly in our midst. How much longer can we be so ignorant.

We're playing games in a war-zone, where a stale-mate is not an option - a stale-mate is as big a loss as any. If we choose not to fight, it's just a victory not yet claimed. There is no greater tragedy.

Have mercy on us, Lord.

Take our radical generation. Speak to our forefathers; speak your Words to the leaders of our generation, and the ones preceding us. Help them see. Help us see.

If we don't fight, no one will... we're blind if we think we're in the last days... we're blind if we think we're in the last hour... or minutes... decades have passed, and few have fought... today, we are living in the last second. Help us to take up our cross, help us to put on the full Ephesians armor you've given us, and help us to hold Your hand, which will NEVER let us go. Praise you, Jesus.

You are preparing your army... Father, I pray, by your grace alone, put me on your front-lines... I will give my life!


(October 25th, 2007)

Sunday, 31 July 2011

A Priviledge

We look at God too often as a boss... as someone we "do things for." How many times have we said, "Well, I'm doing this for God..." And there's nothing wrong with that. But the ten-thousandth time we say or think it, it can seem like we're truly doing something FOR Him. Haha... but what's the joy in that?

When God tells us to do something, do we argue? Do we put up at least a bit of a fight in our attitudes? The last time God told you to tell a stranger about Him, did you jump for joy at the opportunity, and run towards your "victim" (hehe...) with a force that nobody could stop!?!?? I know I don't. Haha. There are sooooooooooo many things that God has asked me to do that He has had to fight me on. And the amazing thing is, He doesn't mind... I really don't think He minds, and He certainly doesn't hold it over our heads after, annoyed that we didn't listen the first time. He's WAYYY too graceful for that...

Okay... Background info...

Last night, I drove up with my BEAUTIFUL friend/roommate, Sarah-Jane to "The Guitar." It's a lookout point in my city, and it's seriously UNBELIEVABLE!!! You can see EVERY part of my small city, and it's secluded, and PERFECT for running around, and dancing, and praising Jesus... And that's what we did. First, when we got there, we were listening to a CD (that you HAVE to purchase... Its by Tenth Avenue North... and it's PHENOMENAL!!!)... anyways... I looked up to the sky, and saw the longest, slowest, most amazing shooting star (and if you know how much I love the stars, you would understand what that meant to me)... and I started laughing... Haha... I couldn't stop laughing... Because I looked out, and I saw my city, and then I looked up, and I saw the stars... and then I saw Jesus holding them ALL... and that He is SOOOO much bigger than all of this... And for some CRAZY reason, unknown to me, He loves ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am the apple of His eye, and the joy set before Him... I am the reason He gave His life, and suffered every painful thing. And I'm so small! I'm so small, and pitiful, and have absolutely NOTHING to offer Him. Haha... I'm dust... Literally dust. Hahahahaa... Even now, I'm laughing. This is HILARIOUS!!!

Think about it. When you die, lets say you get cremated, or buried, or whatever. What are you really? Dust. We are so small... and so insignificant... and of absolutely NO use to God.

I used to think that God maybe needed us so that He would have somebody to love... but then He reminded me that He didn't even need us for that. Because He had Jesus and Holy Spirit to love too... The three of them are perfectly whole as One, and they love eachother perfectly, and so He doesn't even need me for that.

Do you get it? There is NOTHING to us... No matter what we ever do, or create, or think of, it's still just out of something that He already created, or thought.

And yes, He gave US authority, and if we don't use it, His hands are kind of tied and all the rest of it... but still... He doesn't need to CARE about that. The only reason He wants us to use authority is so that WE can be free, and be with Him. WHY!?!?!?!?!?? Haha... I so don't even GET it!!! I'm so blown away!!!!!! He's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much greater than us!!! Hahahahahahaa... Yet, it is ME He loves... And YOU. Not even in the masses, but as an INDIVIDUAL! That's the amazing thing.

(Lol... I don't know if this is making sense... but I'm gonna keep going anyways.) ;-)

So back to the first thing I said. "Doing things for God."

This is a challenge...

To look at things differently...

This AMAZING God, who is WAYYYYYYY better than us... WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY outside of our league, and should, according to MY logic, want NOTHING to do with us... ALLOWS us to speak His name... ALLOWS us to know Him... ALLOWS us to be called "Beloved" and "Saint." And we need to start looking at the next thing as just as INCREDIBLE as the others. He ALLOWS us to be His voice to our world. HIS voice!!! The voice of the God, and King of the UNIVERSE!!! The Creator of all things, and LOVE Himself!!!

He ALLOWS us, in all our imperfections, to send His message... To be His messangers. He calls us His "hands and feet..." What a PRIVILEDGE!!! He blesses, and graces us with this HONOUR!!! I seriously can't get over this... Nor should I.

Haha. I can't believe that I GET to talk about Him to people!!! That He would allow a name as precious, and beautiful as His to leave my lips.

Lol... WOW!!! And even then, He gives us the strength, and is there with us every step of the way!!! What an AMAZING priviledge!!!

Meditate on this...

Haha. I'm out. :D

~Be Blessed~

[November 13th, 2008]


Another old poem to add:

Just some thoughts in a poem-ish thing...

To take what is grey...
- Overlooked, and passed by -
and to add the right touch,
giving substance to catch any eye.

Never done quite the same with black,
or with white,
grey takes on a new personality
in this light.

Simplicity found
in a colour so bland,
makes for the perfect medium
to wear beauty so grand.

Grey must be humble
to be trusted with the honour
of becoming the world's
most eye-catching colour.

Even gold can't compare,
with yellow in the way,
silver displays glory in the simplest way.

That's all...

P.S. Right after I wrote this, I went to turn off the iTunes of my roomie's computer that was playing, and the playlist that was playing was called "grey." Hehe... and that made me chuckle. God makes my life really funny like that cuz He REALLY likes me! :D hehe...

The Battle Of Beauty

This is a poem that I wrote a couple of years ago.

Haha. I'm just trying to fill space right now because I feel like I'd be cooler if I actually HAD something on my blog. Lol.

It's the battle of beauty.
Who do you choose?
Once exposed true identity,
it's clear who would lose.

Yet a hundred to one
take pleasure and fun,
until our bullets are flying
to our heads from our guns.

They are North and South,
and our map is our heart,
but "desperately wicked,"
it deceives from the start.

'Till our spirits lays dead,
and depressions sets in.
All cuz we fell for the Liar,
and found beauty in sin.

But if it truly is true,
and it really is real,
every Word Jesus spoke
up until His last meal,
then we're the most fooled ever fools
to think what we've thought,
that beauty is found
in something Jesus is not.

But perhaps even that is backwards thinking.
Is the chicken or the egg the one we are seeking?

As an artist is known
by the masterpiece he created,
which is identified clearly
for it was signed and it was dated;
with a swift few strokes
uniformly on each canvas,
God branded all creation
with HIS beauty - attractive and precious.

So stop seeking in the world
to find what isn't there.
It's the locksmith who knows the keyhole,
and holds the key with care.

Anything that looks attractive
simply just is not
anything but an imitation
of our beautiful Father God.