Sunday, 31 July 2011

A Priviledge

We look at God too often as a boss... as someone we "do things for." How many times have we said, "Well, I'm doing this for God..." And there's nothing wrong with that. But the ten-thousandth time we say or think it, it can seem like we're truly doing something FOR Him. Haha... but what's the joy in that?

When God tells us to do something, do we argue? Do we put up at least a bit of a fight in our attitudes? The last time God told you to tell a stranger about Him, did you jump for joy at the opportunity, and run towards your "victim" (hehe...) with a force that nobody could stop!?!?? I know I don't. Haha. There are sooooooooooo many things that God has asked me to do that He has had to fight me on. And the amazing thing is, He doesn't mind... I really don't think He minds, and He certainly doesn't hold it over our heads after, annoyed that we didn't listen the first time. He's WAYYY too graceful for that...

Okay... Background info...

Last night, I drove up with my BEAUTIFUL friend/roommate, Sarah-Jane to "The Guitar." It's a lookout point in my city, and it's seriously UNBELIEVABLE!!! You can see EVERY part of my small city, and it's secluded, and PERFECT for running around, and dancing, and praising Jesus... And that's what we did. First, when we got there, we were listening to a CD (that you HAVE to purchase... Its by Tenth Avenue North... and it's PHENOMENAL!!!)... anyways... I looked up to the sky, and saw the longest, slowest, most amazing shooting star (and if you know how much I love the stars, you would understand what that meant to me)... and I started laughing... Haha... I couldn't stop laughing... Because I looked out, and I saw my city, and then I looked up, and I saw the stars... and then I saw Jesus holding them ALL... and that He is SOOOO much bigger than all of this... And for some CRAZY reason, unknown to me, He loves ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am the apple of His eye, and the joy set before Him... I am the reason He gave His life, and suffered every painful thing. And I'm so small! I'm so small, and pitiful, and have absolutely NOTHING to offer Him. Haha... I'm dust... Literally dust. Hahahahaa... Even now, I'm laughing. This is HILARIOUS!!!

Think about it. When you die, lets say you get cremated, or buried, or whatever. What are you really? Dust. We are so small... and so insignificant... and of absolutely NO use to God.

I used to think that God maybe needed us so that He would have somebody to love... but then He reminded me that He didn't even need us for that. Because He had Jesus and Holy Spirit to love too... The three of them are perfectly whole as One, and they love eachother perfectly, and so He doesn't even need me for that.

Do you get it? There is NOTHING to us... No matter what we ever do, or create, or think of, it's still just out of something that He already created, or thought.

And yes, He gave US authority, and if we don't use it, His hands are kind of tied and all the rest of it... but still... He doesn't need to CARE about that. The only reason He wants us to use authority is so that WE can be free, and be with Him. WHY!?!?!?!?!?? Haha... I so don't even GET it!!! I'm so blown away!!!!!! He's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much greater than us!!! Hahahahahahaa... Yet, it is ME He loves... And YOU. Not even in the masses, but as an INDIVIDUAL! That's the amazing thing.

(Lol... I don't know if this is making sense... but I'm gonna keep going anyways.) ;-)

So back to the first thing I said. "Doing things for God."

This is a challenge...

To look at things differently...

This AMAZING God, who is WAYYYYYYY better than us... WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY outside of our league, and should, according to MY logic, want NOTHING to do with us... ALLOWS us to speak His name... ALLOWS us to know Him... ALLOWS us to be called "Beloved" and "Saint." And we need to start looking at the next thing as just as INCREDIBLE as the others. He ALLOWS us to be His voice to our world. HIS voice!!! The voice of the God, and King of the UNIVERSE!!! The Creator of all things, and LOVE Himself!!!

He ALLOWS us, in all our imperfections, to send His message... To be His messangers. He calls us His "hands and feet..." What a PRIVILEDGE!!! He blesses, and graces us with this HONOUR!!! I seriously can't get over this... Nor should I.

Haha. I can't believe that I GET to talk about Him to people!!! That He would allow a name as precious, and beautiful as His to leave my lips.

Lol... WOW!!! And even then, He gives us the strength, and is there with us every step of the way!!! What an AMAZING priviledge!!!

Meditate on this...

Haha. I'm out. :D

~Be Blessed~

[November 13th, 2008]

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