Sunday, 31 July 2011

The Battle Of Beauty

This is a poem that I wrote a couple of years ago.

Haha. I'm just trying to fill space right now because I feel like I'd be cooler if I actually HAD something on my blog. Lol.

It's the battle of beauty.
Who do you choose?
Once exposed true identity,
it's clear who would lose.

Yet a hundred to one
take pleasure and fun,
until our bullets are flying
to our heads from our guns.

They are North and South,
and our map is our heart,
but "desperately wicked,"
it deceives from the start.

'Till our spirits lays dead,
and depressions sets in.
All cuz we fell for the Liar,
and found beauty in sin.

But if it truly is true,
and it really is real,
every Word Jesus spoke
up until His last meal,
then we're the most fooled ever fools
to think what we've thought,
that beauty is found
in something Jesus is not.

But perhaps even that is backwards thinking.
Is the chicken or the egg the one we are seeking?

As an artist is known
by the masterpiece he created,
which is identified clearly
for it was signed and it was dated;
with a swift few strokes
uniformly on each canvas,
God branded all creation
with HIS beauty - attractive and precious.

So stop seeking in the world
to find what isn't there.
It's the locksmith who knows the keyhole,
and holds the key with care.

Anything that looks attractive
simply just is not
anything but an imitation
of our beautiful Father God.

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