Sunday, 31 July 2011


Another old poem to add:

Just some thoughts in a poem-ish thing...

To take what is grey...
- Overlooked, and passed by -
and to add the right touch,
giving substance to catch any eye.

Never done quite the same with black,
or with white,
grey takes on a new personality
in this light.

Simplicity found
in a colour so bland,
makes for the perfect medium
to wear beauty so grand.

Grey must be humble
to be trusted with the honour
of becoming the world's
most eye-catching colour.

Even gold can't compare,
with yellow in the way,
silver displays glory in the simplest way.

That's all...

P.S. Right after I wrote this, I went to turn off the iTunes of my roomie's computer that was playing, and the playlist that was playing was called "grey." Hehe... and that made me chuckle. God makes my life really funny like that cuz He REALLY likes me! :D hehe...

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